Our Services

The Plant Cry-Sis


Is Potted Roots most famous and signature service. I will personally come out to your home or office to assist you with any houseplant needs you may have such as repotting, pest issues, pruning, watering, proper lighting, etc.

Green Thumb Virtual Consultation


Is Potted Roots consulting service that helps Houseplant Junkies that may be struggling to keep their houseplants alive and thriving. I will provide you with the proper care tips and tools to nurse your plants back to health as well as maintain the stabilization of the plants.

Plant Your Space Out


Is Potted Roots decorating service for small outdoor spaces or indoor houseplant decor. I will try to find the best plant for your lifestyle and space.
We can help you with:
• Houseplants •Office Plants •Store Front

Set Designs


Is Potted Roots will construct a creative urban green oasis for your photo or video shoot. 

Additional services upon request: 
  • Potting Bar: Will pot your plant in a decorative planter for you.
  • Workshops
If you would like more information on our services, please contact us through the form below, or directly at pottedroots2020@gmail.com / Instagram Book Now tab.